Finally, Alfie meets a lion who surprises him with his wisdom. What important lessons can the lion teach Alfie? Throughout the series, Alfie has seen 24 incredible animals, but which creature is the greatest of them all? Would the greatest creature have the longest neck like the giraffe or be the cleverest mammal in the whole of the sea like the dolphin? Or have big feet to spring high up in the air with like the kangaroo? Children will experience rhyming and poetry, as well as learn a very important moral - it’s a children's book series about animals they’ll want to read over and over again. Alfie in the Tropics, Alfie in the Snow, Alfie in the Water, and Alfie in the Sun are books that'll be read and re-read by little ones (and grown-ups)! for years on end.


and the lion

Alfie and the Lion

Jump into the animal kingdom with little Alfie... 
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