After the tropics, Alfie continues his journey into the snow. He meets penguins, polar bears, and more. Who’s the fastest diving bird? Which creature swims in the arctic seas? Who has whiskers and tusks that are long and white? Now you can find answers to these and hundreds more questions and curiosities, right at your fingertips! Alfie in the Snow takes little readers on a tour of different animals’ habitats and homes, showing how each one lives differently in the snow. Filled with bright,

quirky images and amazing facts, Alfie in the Snow is an exciting trip on the wild side. The second book in this

thrilling series. As good kids book series go, little ones (and big kids!) won't be disappointed with Alfie and the Greatest Creatures. Follow Alfie in his next adventure in

Alfie in the Water next...

alfie in the snow

Alfie in the Snow

Jump into the animal kingdom with little Alfie... 
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