In the fourth book in the exciting series, Alfie is still discovering the animal kingdom and sets off to find out about all the creatures that live in sunny, hot countries. Did you know that thirsty camels can drink as many as 30 gallons of water in about 13 minutes? That the golden eagle is one of the largest birds of prey? Your little one will love to discover the amazing animals inside this beautifully illustrated book. Alfie in the Sun, like the rest of the children's books in the series, provides little ones with authoritative information about the animal kingdom as well as teaching them about rhyming words and poetry. It's a great choice for parents and grown-ups looking for a children's book series about animals. To see where Alfie goes next, read the last book in the series, Alfie and the Lion.


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Alfie in the Sun

Jump into the animal kingdom with little Alfie... 
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