Alfie in the Tropics

Jump into the animal kingdom with little Alfie... 

If you're looking for a good book series for kids, jump into the animal kingdom with Alfie in the Tropics, the first book in this exciting series! Little Alfie wants to know which creature is the greatest one in the world. But Alfie truly doesn’t know, so sets off on a journey to find out, and meets creatures of all kinds. Which animal can roar? Who likes eating fruit and leaves? Which animal likes napping all day? Learn the answers to these questions and more! Written in rhyme with colourful illustrations, Alfie discovers lots of interesting facts about the animals, from the hairy orangutan to the almighty tiger. Alfie in the Tropics is an educational book – perfect for curious children and animal lovers. It’ll quickly become a favourite at storytime, bedtime, or any other time. Check out the next book in the series - Alfie in the Snow.


in the tropics

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