Read what people have been saying about the first book in the Alfie and the Greatest Creatures series, Alfie in the Tropics...


Both my niece and nephew loved this book! The sense of an adventure and the “treasure hunt” style theme really appealed to my 6 year old nephew whilst his 3 years sister was absolutely taken with the colourful illustrations. Aside from the captivating story and beautiful drawings it was nice to see an educational element to the book with interesting facts on each animal Alfie meets during his journey. I would



This is a beautifully crafted story, around a very big question indeed. The author takes us on a journey with Alfie as he looks to find the answer to his big question. We travel with him as he meets many different kinds of animals. Each stanza has a gentle rhyme that young children will engage with and a running phrase giving them the opportunity to join in with the storytelling. The illustrations enhance the overall appeal of the book and bring to life the environment Alfie is wandering through. Children get the chance to find many different creatures hiding within the undergrowth. We are looking forward to the second in this series of books and traveling with Alfie on his amazing adventure. Susan


Susie tells the story of a little boy called Alfie who is very curious to find out which is the Greatest creature on the earth. He is transported to the homes of six animals across the world who are uniquely different in colour shape and form. With each animal he meets he is clearly impressed. However, he still can't decide which is the greatest animal. This is just the start of his enquiry. The more he discovers new creatures I suspected the harder it will be. The illustrations are inspiring and colourful and give a clear picture of how important green plants are to living things. I look forward to Alfie's future adventures as his quest unfolds. We all deep down are looking for qualities the inspire and teach us something new. Richard retired teacher


Alfie in the tropics is a wonderfully exciting and uplifting children’s storybook. The book is very educational with facts about the animals as the story goes along. It has been written with good adjectives and rhyming paragraphs which keeps it very exciting and engaging for children. The animation is also very well done and very colourful to suit the type of story. I would highly recommend this book for young children.



This is a clever book.


The words and illustrations are vibrant resulting in visual and cognitive satisfaction.  It warrants the label of ‘a good read.’


Alfie In The Tropics is multigenerational appealing to young and older who are entertained and educated as they read the book together and on their own.


I smiled when the book introduced me to facts I didn’t know.  Heath forests and Cecropia trees are now firmly part of my knowledge bank; so roll on Mastermind as my education and my brain have just been fed and enlarged.


So even as someone approaching her sixth decade the adage ‘You’re never too old to learn’, is very apt and most welcomed.


It’s the perfect length.  Parents and teachers of any age are mindful of time which includes lesson planning, junior attention spans, their own fatigue threshold and how long a book at bedtime should last.


Alfie In The Tropics allows for the additional stream of consciousness time associated with any good children’s book – the related questions, the bigger context and the conversations about the other animals appearing in the book and how hot the weather might be and why Alfie is on his own and what he’s looking for – although the latter is the premise of this book and those that follow.


I enjoyed this book. 


Thank you.


I look forward to continuing Alfie’s search with him in his next adventure.


I read this to my little girl and she absolutely loved it, as did I. You get introduced to all the different animals of the Jungle and it's great how each page has a little fact to go along with it so its also educational too. I would definitely recommend it to any parent looking for a light bed time story for their children.


I read Alfie in the tropics to my youngest nephew who has just turned 4. He absolutely loves all the different animals and can't help bursting into laughter every time he see's the platypus and shouts out "he looks funny". Although this book is aimed at 3-7 year olds the addition of the fact bubbles gives an extra element that might even teach the grown ups a few things and at the same time giving the child more information as their reading ability grows. Also the clever insert of a hidden animal as Alfie leaves each creature adds a nice touch to help the children guess whats coming up next. A great book and can't wait to read the rest of the series to find out who is truly the greatest animal in the world.   


Alfie in the Tropics is the first book in a series of five about a little boy who is transported around the world to see different animals. His quest is to find out which is the greatest one. Each one he meets is amazing and unique, so much so, he truly cannot decide! The story is filled with bright, colourful illustrations showing lush vegetation and animals vividly in the pictures. Children will love its rhyming text & verse repetition. They will learn as much about the animals as the adult reading the story will! Teachers in schools will find this book a treasure trove of animal facts. Themes such as meeting animals in their wild habitats, world places on the globe and travel could be used as a learning platform - Linda Davids. Mother & Retired Specialist & Primary Teacher


Alfie in The Tropics... what a magical children's book! It's the perfect way to introduce a young child to the world of wild animals and their different habitats. The rhyming story is fun and easy to read whilst the extra facts ensure they're learning plenty along the way... even I learnt a few things! Beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story. My son and I can't wait to get the next book in the series and find out what amazing animals we'll meet next!


i read this to my 4-year-old nephew when he stayed over, he loves animals and bold pictures so i was happy that this is now one of his favourite bedtime books. he also prefers rhyming story books which this book is so he is very happy with it. The book is also very informative about animals and gives little educational snippets which is a good little bonus, as we both learnt new things from reading it! My nephew really liked the pictures and the bold colours and insists on reading it at least 2 plus times before he eventually goes to bed!


Alfie in the Tropics is such a great book for any child. Page by page there are some really interesting facts and the artwork is fantastic. Five stars from me!

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